Rekless Krew

Rekless Krew
Rekless Krew was founded in 2010 on accident when a group of individuals who coincidentally practiced in the same gym decided to train under one name and had similar interests in video games and anime. It was then that they decided to bring their passion and their lifestyle in the anime convention scene and share the knowledge and experience they have with the rest of the world.  Rekless Krew is headed up by Ryxen Xia, and will of course, show off their breaking skills. when given the chance

Krew Member #1 – Ryzen Xia

Ryzen XiaRyzen Xia is a professional bboy (breaker/breakdancer) and owner of Imperium, one of the convention scenes best suppliers for entertainment. Lucky to call it his career, he travels the country attending on average 40+ conventions a year sharing his knowledge on the art of dance and the foundation of the hiphop culture and how it plays a major role in the anime community. Attending conventions since 1998, it was in 2005 when he decided he wanted to be more than a regular attendee. Today, you can find him hosting a variety panels that cover con safety, health and fitness, dance competitions and workshops, and turning your passions into a career! Ryzen is just as willing to learn from all of you as he hopes you learn from him.

Ryzen can always be found vlogging his adventures too.

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Snapchat: ryzenxia