Z.O.D. (Zombification Orientation & Defense)

PSX_20151229_214723 FB_IMG_1448463315531[1] 20161025_105720[1] 20160401_132318-1[1]Meet Scout 1 as mentioned in the book “The Apocalypse of Enoch – Desolation” which will be appearing at your event for photo opportunities!

Scout 1, A premier Zombie Response Vehicle was created by owner Chris McQuillen as a Fan Vehicle then as a prop for the fan group Z.O.D. and now has become a crucial part of the Apocalypse story created by author Shane Moore.

Scout 1 is a modified now sporting a plow with radical zombie warnings, window guards, search and rescue lights, caution lights and a roof rack filled with tools and weapons one would need while traveling the roads during an end of the world situation.

Well Scout 1 is not the only zombie vehicle, it is the most famous one appearing on the cover of Desolation and travels to events. Most of the other vehicles are spread out through Missouri and Illinois.

Scout 1 can also been seen in a Promo video with Michael Rooker along with having several autographs adorned across the Engine Cover by Virginia Hey(MadMax2), Vernon Wells(MadMax2) & Michael Rooker(TWD)

Don’t miss your chance to pose with this zombie fighting machine, driven every day in St Louis, street legal, and talked about all around town. It has toured several states for different events and now even has it’s very own Facebook page to track its location every weekend. Find it at Scout-1 Zombie Response Vehicle, for more information on Scout-1 go to www.zod001.com or on Facebook www.facebook.com/zod001 or www.facebook.com/zodstl