About Us

Evansville Anime Convention, Inc.

Our annual convention EvilleCon is put on by Evansville Anime Convention, Inc (EAC, Inc).  EAC, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable and educational organization.

EAC, Inc.’s official Mission Statement is to promote awareness of and appreciation for Japanese Manga and Anime and to educate the public about how Japanese culture is reflected in the media.

EAC, Inc. consists of a team of seven volunteer Board of Directors who oversee the actions of the volunteer EvilleCon staff, the financial decisions, and the overall direction of EvilleCon.

Currently, EAC, Inc. consists of the following members:

Joey Stalker – Board Chair

Magen Melton – Board Secretary

Joey Waller – Board Treasurer

Jenn Martin – Board Member

Dominic Hoskins – Board Member

Tammy Herbert – Board Member

Michael Smith – Board Member

EAC, Inc. accepts donations that are federally tax deductible.  If you are interested in supporting EAC, Inc. in putting on EvilleCon, please contact us above and indicate your interest in submitting a donation.