The Abusement Park

Abusement ParkThe Abusement Park is a panelist group based out of Louisville, Kentucky that specializes in the wackiest of the insane. They frequently delve into “that part of the internet” to find the latest that hentai, fanfiction, and disturbing game shows have to offer. The Abusement Park is known for their lively and fun events, often stretching the limits of reality and heavily encouraging audience interaction. They promise a good time to all attendees and are always happy to chat following their events! You can usually find them during the late-night programming time slots, but they can sometimes be spotted performing day events…if they are awake! They do like their sleep, and shoving their faces full of food!

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AngelaAngie (a.k.a. “AngieChu”) is one of the two founding members of The Abusement Park. Born and raised as an only child in Louisville, Kentucky, she developed a love of anime, gaming, and writing at a young age. Angie published her first novel, the comedy/suspense thriller I Heard There’d Be Cake at the ripe age of 21 in May 2012, and has also been a contributor to many online magazines. She is the The Abusement Park’s website programmer and secondary site editor. She can easily be won over with gifts of cats, Pikachus, and pizza. When she is not working on new panels for conventions, Angie can normally be found creating new videos for her YouTube channel, wasting her life away on Twitter, or cuddling with her cats Kairi and Ezio.

LeeLee is one of the two founding members of The Abusement Park, and by far the most brash member. Stuck as an only child, she found a life-long friend and waifu in Angie <3. Lee can mimic anything she finds on the internet to put to her own good usage. She’s also the primary web editor for The Abusement Park’s website since Angie procrastinates more than is surely healthy. Lee loves violence, blood, and making people’s brains implode. Usually found in her habitat of building props and being taken over by her cats Yan and Milo, it’s rare that she sees sunlight. If forced to venture outside, she will occasionally hiss uncontrollably.

SamanthaSamantha (a.k.a. “Lady Samanthera”) is an avid con-goer, the founder and host of Anime Divorce Court, and both the youngest and shortest member of The Abusement Park next to Lee. She was inducted into The Abusement Park after attending one of their panels in 2013 and shedding manly tears during a reading of a particularly twisted Toy Story fanfic. Despite now suffering from PTSD every time she listens to “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”, Lady Samanthera’s sass and creativity has been a great benefit to The Abusement Park. When she is not perfecting new cosmetology techniques, she can be found creating videos for her YouTube channel or doing research in “that part of the internet”. Every day, she’s Tumblr-ing.

EricEric is a very special cookie. The tallest and manliest of The Abusement Park, this tatted pirate can usually be found sharing a special moment with a flask of his favorite adult beverage. Don’t be fooled – these special moments often consist of enjoying a good Disney film, showcasing that this gentle giant has a heart of gold. Eric can normally be found doing double-takes, brandishing flasks, and having flabbergasted reactions during panels due to the material that Angie and Lee like to sneak into their slides. He also enjoys finding images relating to the panel at hand and compiling them into “Eric’s Special Corner” for the audience’s amusement. After a good panel, Eric likes to get copious amounts of sleep – being Pirate Deadpool is exhausting.

AntonioAntonio “Chris” Holmes. Chris is the newest (and quite possibly, craziest) member of The Abusement Park. Often seen wearing kilts and self-made togas, Chris is quick to volunteer for some of the zaniest and most eye-dropping stunts the group thinks up. He is Eric’s right-hand man and loves hunting through Tumblr for new material for the group’s panels. He also loves to bake, keeping his fellow members well-fed. Chris enjoys cuddles and being active in nature. Just be careful when knocking on his front door at strange hours of the night.