Panelist Application

Thanks for checking us out! Our convention can only be as good as the panels we’re able to offer our attendees. Please fill out the below application fully to allow us to review for our convention!

Internet access will be available at the Holiday Inn but we recommend always downloading your presentation/videos onto a storage device or on your computer as a backup.

If you encounter any issues while filling out our form, please contact us via the Contact Us page.

Please fill out the application and click Submit when finished. For more information about a particular field, move your mouse over it for a more detailed description.
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Time restrictions: EvilleCon plans panels in 30 minutes increments with a 60 minute minimum. Within your allotted time you must plan 5 minutes at the beginning for set up and 5 minutes at the end for tear down/ vacating the room.

EvilleCon will NOT provide computers.
Specialty adapters for Apple products are not available. You MUST provide your own specialty adapters to MacBooks, iPads, etc.
If you choose to use non VGA/HDMI devices, our tech support cannot guarantee your presentation as technical issues may occur.

Technical Services
If a technical issue does occur, notify a staff member or EvilleCon minion immediately and we will reach out to technical staff to assist and attempt to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Please remember that we can’t troubleshoot personal equipment and be prepared in case videos or sound is unavailable during your panel.