Staff Application

Want to join EvilleCon Staff? Here are some of the perks of joining our team.

-Actively shape the convention through voting on Special Guests, creating Events, and Panels
-Get reimbursed to visit other conventions while promoting EvilleCon
-Staff T-shirt
and more!!!

Please fill out the form to apply for any staff position with EvilleCon. Please note this is a different application than the volunteer application page.
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*You must be 18 years of age or older at the time of application.

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Legal Items
EvilleCon is a fun event to work for, but we pride ourselves on being professional. Whenever you are acting as a representative for EvilleCon, you must be respectful of others and maintain a professional appearance.

The applicant agrees to a non-disclosure agreement in regards to EvilleCon related items. These include unannounced guests, business connections, how the convention is run, etc. All staff agrees to not discuss EvilleCon business with outside parties unless they get consent from the convention chairman to give out such information.

The applicant understands that this is a volunteer position that may or may not provide monetary gain. All staff benefits are subject to change at any time.

The applicant understands that they can be released from staff at any time without reason or warning.

By submitting this form, I
acknowledge that the above information is true. Submitting an application and advancing to the interview process does not guarantee a position on staff. All information within this form is for EvilleCon use only, and is not shared with outside parties. By entering their name above, the applicant agrees to the terms listed on the application and contract.