Women’s: Blouses, Skirts, Lolita & Steam-punk inspired clothing, Dresses, Corsets, Petticoats, Coats, & Cloaks, some Kimono & Obi. Men’s: Peasant Shirts, Vests, Pirate & Steam-punk inspired clothing, Pants, Coats & Cloaks, Neck Ruffles, & some Kimono. Accessories: Chokers, Necklaces, Earrings, … Continue reading

Shazami’s $#!%

New, used, and, vintage Anime merchendaise (Mostly direct from Japan) Including Plushies, Figures, phone straps/ key chains,cosplay acsessories, aperal, and more.All brought to you by Shazami, the zany anime persona sales girl! We work hard to bring the most uniqe … Continue reading


Licensed Anime Merch: Bags, Shirts, Lanyards, Mugs & more. Pop Culture Merch: Shirts, POPs, Lanyards, Collectibles & More! http://facebook.com/brixnclix … Continue reading

Anime Fan Zone

Anime Fan Zone offers a huge variety of anime and gaming merchandise. With a large selection of anime DVDs, plush, wall scrolls, bags, key chains, gaming items and so much more! We have a huge professional setup offering your attendees … Continue reading


TeeTurtle specializes in the design of funny and cute pop culture t-shirts. We also offer posters and socks! http://www.teeturtle.com … Continue reading

Carousel Accessories

We will have lots of unique Japanese imported plushies, anime keychains, playing cards, wallets, binders, and other assorted anime merch, our own line of cute animal capes, and Jamberry Nail Wraps which are non-allergenic and odorless. https://www.etsy.com/shop/CarouselAccessories … Continue reading

The Gaming Guild

The Gaming Guild is Evansville’s best game store and we’ll be bringing some great games to EvilleCon this year! Magic: the Gathering, Force of Will, Dungeons and Dragons, board games, dice, and much more! http://www.evvgamingguild.com/ … Continue reading


Fatguysweatshop is brought to you by Hayley Torres, Sidney Fritchley, and Nick McKenzie.  Fatguysweatshop makes perler sprites based on anime, video games, and cartoons (all handmade and made with care). There will also be a few chain mail bits available … Continue reading

Fandom Collections

Jocelyn Fisher and Kelsie Loveridge form Fandom Collections.  They will be selling a collection of fan art prints, bookmarks, buttons, handmade plushies, painted door hangers, painted boxes, and canvas paintings. Check out more from Fandom Collections at: https://www.facebook.com/fandomcollections14?fref=ts … Continue reading

Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come, brought to you by Valorie Purdy Cole,is selling jewelry that the buyer can customize as a bracelet, necklace, etc. and they will be put together right in front of you. Wigs will also be on sale, available for … Continue reading

Bity Kity

Meet Ashley Hernandez with Bity Kity. Bity Kity sell unique handmade decoden phone cases, plush phone charms, and other small handmade items. Check out more of her work at: http://www.bitykitydecoden.com … Continue reading

Viz K Japan

Viz K Japan, operated by Matt Corlew, is selling hand-made plush and Japanese inspired fashion and accessories. Check out more of Matt’s creations at: http://vizkjapan.deviantart.com … Continue reading


Kaitlyn Moore, along with Lizzy Nelson and Annie Dill, run Katannie. Each artist adds their own unique flair to Katannie. Katie makes custom felt anime/tv/game character pillows with a wide inventory and many small felt plushies of food items or … Continue reading


We also have some extra special news about the Artists showing their super cool stuff at EvilleCon 2016. We are posting information about the exhibitors and what they are selling… So check them out early so you know how much … Continue reading

Tier 3

As the EvilleCon Mascots, we are always looking out for our people wanting to come to EvilleCon. We want you to get the most bang for your buck, and there’s no better way than to Pre-Register!! When you buy your … Continue reading

Studio Amika

Studio Amika, ran by Allison Saffel, will be selling bookmarks, buttons, and prints, including revamped fan-art and original art at EvilleCon 2016. Studio Amika will also feature its new one-shot that has been in development. So be sure to check … Continue reading


Rebecca run Crittercre8r. Crittercre8r makes Cute crochet items including plushies, hats, and other items inspired by anime and video games. Be sure to check out their products at: http://crittercre8r.deviantart.com … Continue reading


Caroline Brown Prints, bookmarks, and keychains of both fanart and original works. Commissions and original copies will be available as well. http://toadiko25.deviantart.com/ … Continue reading

Bittersweet Haven

Tabi Baxter is the artist behind Bittersweet Haven. Bittersweet Haven is a small artist shop selling original plushies, accessories, and artwork. All creations are originally-designed and cute inspired! Please visit Bittersweet Haven website at: https://www.facebook.com/sweetshavenshop … Continue reading

Alex Heberling

Alex Heberling draws The Hues, a web and print comic about magical girls fighting aliens. Check out his web comic at: http://thehues.alexheberling.com … Continue reading


AnimeGrAvy is ran by two long-time nerds who are fans of anime, cartoons, movies and all things nerdy, and their art reflects their passion. Caroline Abernathy and Richard McElravy pride themselves on creating beautiful and comical fanart and original prints … Continue reading

Jenn Lantrip – Illustration

Jennifer Lantrip likes to create many illustration inspired by anime, old school games, as well as newer cartoons. She will be featuring cute prints and fun merchandise at her booth during EvilleCon 2016. Sketch commissions will also available on a … Continue reading

Little Tokyo

Together Kadra Jenkins and Ashleigh Cox make up Little Tokyo. Little Tokyo brings lots of kawaii accessories handcrafted just for EvilleCon attendees!!!! Hand-sculpted jewelry, gothic Loli/sweet Loli bows, visual KEI accessories, super cool and unique prints, and so much more! … Continue reading

Grimm’s Crib

Stephanie Goeppner operates Grimm’s Crib which specializes in cute fandom buttons, keychains, and more! Grimm’s Crib will also have art prints, necklaces, and other little goodies for sale. If you can’t wait to see her art at EvilleCon 2016, then … Continue reading

Registration Questions

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EvilleCon 2015 Program

“EvilleCon and its Staff are excited to announce the moment you have been waiting for… The OFFICIAL EvilleCon 2015! This Program will be your guide to all things that will be happening at EvilleCon 2015.  It will let you plan … Continue reading

Caitlin Glass

Hey there attendees! EvilleCon is incredibly excited to come to you as we have some AMAZING NEWS to share. A lot of you were disappointed that we had to cancel Caitlin Glass’s appearance at EvilleCon due to things all parties … Continue reading


Come see our staff at OMGCon! Stop at our table in the Vendors’ Room and come win some prizes!!!