EvilleCon Pokémon Challenge

(Video Game Tournament)


Using a gaming system in the 3DS family and your Pokémon Sun/Moon Game, challenge the ten EvilleCon Gym Leaders to a battle to win one of their Gym Cards. Collect at least 8 different cards in order to be eligible for Sunday’s ”Elite Four Pokémon Challenge”. Each Gym Leader is carrying a full list of rules. Consult them if you have any questions. The Gym Leaders have the right to stop any battle at any time for any reason they choose, or deny you a battle for any reason. Please respect these rules.

The entire Pokémon Challenge is free to enter.

Gym Leader Challenge: Leaders will be walking around the hotel lobby/artist alley/vendor’s room/etc just like other attendees. There will also be meet-up times daily. Consult the program for specifics. Leaders will have a Pokémon hanging off their EvilleCon badge and will be at the autograph area during meet-up times unless they are running a panel or a personal emergency occurs.

Attendees can challenge a leader (who is not busy doing something) to any type of battle, but the Gym Leader must agree. Challenges cannot be issued while the leader is eating/in the bathroom/if the leader is feeling ill/if the leader is attending a panel/etc. The Leader always reserves the right to refuse a battle. This is to keep challengers from asking for battles over and over again. Leaders may only use Pokémon of their type. Example: Autumn is the Electric Type Gym Leader. She may use a Flying/Electric type if she so wished, as the Pokémon is part Electric. If a leader wishes to use a Pokémon whose type changes during battle to fit their type, they may do so as long as the Pokémon’s type is changed within two of the Leader’s turns. Challenging the same leader twice and trading/giving away the card is not allowed. Anyone who does this is disqualified. Battles may be of any kind (Example: Doubles) but both the Leader and the Challenger must agree. If all parties can’t agree, then the battle style will be 3 vs 3.

Challengers and Leaders will abide by Smogon rules with an EvilleCon twist (these rules). Consult the EvilleCon website or a leader for the full list of rules.

Challenges may be issued to leaders any time between the first meetup explaining the rules of the Challenges and the start of the Elite Four Challenge. EvilleCon and Autumn reserve the right to change the rules at any time or add to them.


Wild Card: A few “Team Skull” cards will be in play along with the Gym Leader cards. If six of these cards can be collected by a Challenger, they will qualify for the Elite Four Challenge. A few Leaders (and Staff members/Chairs if they so wish) will hold these cards. How they decide to battle against the Challenger in order for the Challenger to win one will be up to the Leader. Ask Gym Leaders for clues to find those who have these cards. Team Skull cards cannot be substituted for Gym Leader Cards.


Junior Challenge: Challengers ten years old (by the last day of the con) or younger qualify for the Junior Challenge. They will challenge the ten leaders, but neither the Challenger nor the Leader will be bound by Smogen and EvilleCon rules. Anything goes, really. Win or lose, the Challenger will receive a miniature, unsleeved version of the Gym Leader’s card. If they collect 8 different Leader cards, they will qualify for the Junior Elite Four Challenge. Win or lose, all receive the same prize. If the Junior Challenger collects 8 cards and shows up to the Elite Four Challenge on Sunday, they automatically win the Junior Elite Four Challenge. There will be no limit on the number of winners.

All Junior Challengers who arrive will win a prize. Junior Challengers may challenge the Elite Four for fun if they wish, but will not be eligible for the full challenge.


No one is allowed to compete in both the Full and Junior Challenges. Anyone trying to will be disqualified. If someone ten years old or younger wishes to participate in the full Challenge, it is allowed.


Elite Four Challenge: Challengers must be present on Sunday at the event place to qualify. The Elite Four will be comprised of 4 Gym Leaders. They will use their competitive battling teams of any type, but will be bound by the same Smogen and EvilleCon rules as the Challengers. The Challengers must defeat the four Leaders within the time frame (2 hours) in order to win the Elite Four Challenge. They may lose any number of times, as long as they defeat all four of the Elite Four. Both Elite Four Challenges will take place on Sunday. Gym Leaders automatically qualify for the Elite Four Challenge.

There will also be a surprise Champion awaiting anyone who completes the Elite Four.

All those who defeat 8 Gym Leaders, the 4 Elite Four Members, and the mystery Champion will compete in a battle royal.

Prizes go to first, second, and third place finishers.


Banned Pokémon:

Legendary Pokémon, Ultra Beasts, Island Guardians, Mythical Pokémon, Aegislash, and Blaziken.

Allowed Megas

Charizard (X/Y)

All others: Banned

Banned Abilities

Shadow Tag
Sand Veil
Snow Cloak

A player cannot have two Pokemon with the same National Pokédex number on a team.

You lose if, at the end of your turn, two of your opponent’s Pokemon were put to sleep by a move you used but were not forced into, and neither have had their sleep removed since then.

A Pokémon may not use the moves “Minimize”, “Double Team”, “Fissure”, “Guillotine”, “Horn Drill”, or “Sheer Cold”.

No Pokémon may use “Drizzle” and “Swift Swim” in the same battle, “Drought” and “Chlorophyll” in the same battle, or “Sand Stream” and “Sand Rush” in the same battle.