EvilleCon Pokémon Challenge

(Video Game Tournament)

EvilleCon’s Gym 2017 – Pokemon Sun and Moon

• Using a gaming system in the 3DS family and Pokémon Sun and Moon, challenge the EvilleCon Gym Leaders to a battle to win one of their Gym Cards.
• Collect at least 8 different Gym Cards in order to be eligible for Sunday’s Elite Four Pokémon Challenge.
• Each Gym Leader will carry a full list of rules and may answer any questions.
• The Gym Leaders have the right to stop any battle at any time for any reason they choose, or deny you a battle for any reason.
• Challengers may only compete in either the Full and Junior Challenges (see below).
• Challengers ten years old or younger who wish to participate in the full Challenge may do so.
• Prizes will be available for the EvilleCon 2017 Pokémon Champion and second and third place Challengers.

• Gym Leaders will be walking around the convention areas and will be specifically in the Autograph Area during meet-up times listed in the EvilleCon 2017 Schedule.
o Gym Leaders may be identified by the Pokémon hanging off of their EvilleCon badge.
• Attendees may challenge an available Gym Leader but the Gym Leader must agree.
o The default battle will be 3 vs 3, unless otherwise decided upon (e.g. 6 vs 6, Doubles, etc.).
o Challenges may be issued any time between the first meet-up explaining the rules of the Gym Challenges and the start of the Elite Four Pokémon Challenge.
o Challenges may not be issued while the Gym Leader is preoccupied.
o The Leader always reserves the right to refuse a battle.
• Gym Leaders will only use Pokémon of their type (e.g. an Electric-type Gym Leader may use a Flying/Electric type if she so wished, so as long as the Pokémon possesses the appropriate type).
o A Gym Leader may use a Pokémon whose type changes during battle to fit their type, but the type will be changed within two of the Leader’s turns.
• Gym Cards are not transferrable and is grounds for disqualification.
• Challengers and Leaders will abide by Smogen rules except as modified here.
• Challengers may not have two Pokémon with the same National Pokédex number on a team.
• Immediate loss occurs if at the end of your turn, two of your opponent’s Pokémon were put to sleep by a move you used but were not forced into, and neither have had their sleep removed since then.

Team Skull:
• Members of Team Skull will be available for Challenges from whom Skull Cards may be earned.
• 6 Skull Cards will qualify you for the Elite Four Pokémon Challenge.
• Skull Cards may not be substituted for Gym Cards.
• A Challenger must offer one of their own cards in order to get a Team Skull Card.
• Whichever party loses will forfeit their card.
• Team Skull Cards will not be a part of the Junior Challenge, but Junior Challengers may Challenge Team Skull Members for fun and do not need to offer a card.

Junior Challenge:
• Challengers ten years old (by the last day of the con) or younger qualify for the Junior Challenge.
• Junior Challenges are not bound by Smogen Rules.
• Win or lose, the Challenger will receive a miniature, unsleeved version as the Junior Gym Leader’s card.
• Collect 8 different Junior Gym Leader cards to qualify for the Junior Elite Four Pokémon Challenge.

Elite Four Pokémon Challenge:
• Challenger must be present on Sunday at the designated location.
• The Elite Four will comprise of 4 Gym Leaders.
• The Elite Four may use their competitive battling teams of any type.
• Smogen rules or equivalent as is available will apply.
• The Challengers must defeat the four Leaders within the allotted time frame in order to win the Elite Four Challenge.
• Challengers may battle members of the Elite Four multiple times.
• Defeating the Elite Four will allow you to challenge the Pokémon Champion.
• If multiple Challengers defeat the Elite Four and PokémonChampion, all Challengers will compete in a Battle Royale to determine the EvilleCon 2017 Pokémon Champion.

Banned Pokémon:
• Legendary Pokémon
• Ultra Beasts
• Island Guardians
• Mythical Pokémon
• Aegislash
• Blaziken
• Dugtrio
• Mega Pokémon other than:
o Venusaur
o Charizard (X/Y)
o Blastoise
o Alakazam
o Slowbro
o Pinsir
o Gyarados
o Aerodactyl
o Scizor
o Sableye
o Sharpedo
o Absol
o Glalie
o Metagross
o Garchomp

Banned Abilities:
• Moody
• Shadow Tag
• Sand Veil
• Snow Cloak

Banned Moves:
• Minimize
• Double Team
• Fissure
• Guillotine
• Horn Drill
• Sheer Cold
• Drizzle and Swift Swim used in the same battle.
• Drought and Chlorophyll used in the same battle.
• Sand Stream and Sand Rush used in the same battle.
• Snow Warning and Slush Rush used in the same battle

EvilleCon and Autumn reserve the right to change the rules at any time as they see fit.