EvilleCon’s Got Talent – 2017

IMG_0541 - CopyCome and participate in EvilleCon’s Got Talent by singing, dancing, performing, etc. (as long as it relates to anime!). Perform in the name of all that is anime and earn the honor of being called EvilleCon 2017’s Superstar! Entertain EvilleCon goers well and you shall be rewarded… evilly!

The details for the EvilleCon’s Got Talent are as follows:


General Rules

  • EvilleCon’s Got Talent is a talent show showcasing the abilities of the EvilleCon attendees.
  • Contestants will be allowed to perform any talent that they may have, but their performance must be anime-related (i.e. sing an anime song, dance an anime dance, juggle with anime plushies, do a dramatic monologue reading from anime, do a plushie puppet show, etc.).
  • EvilleCon’s Got Talent will be a three stage process consisting of the following:
    • Preliminaries – Approximately 15 contestants will be chosen to move onto the Semi-Finals. Preliminaries will occur on Day 1 of the convention during the evening/night.
    • Semi-Finals – Five contestants will be chosen to move onto the Finals. Semi-Finals will occur on Day 2 of the convention during the afternoon/evening.
    • Finals – The winner will be chosen by vote of the audience. Finals will occur on Day 3 of the convention during the afternoon.
  • Participation in EvilleCon’s Got Talent requires attending each stage of the process. If you have passed onto a different stage of the contest and you must cancel for some reason, please contact the EvilleCon Staff Member running the event immediately.
  • Performances must be safe and not endanger you, EvilleCon Staff, EvilleCon attendees, or anyone else. EvilleCon will not be liable for any damage or injuries caused to you during your performance or to the host hotel.
  • Each EvilleCon’s Got Talent contestant must sign a liability waiver.
  • The winner of EvilleCon’s Got Talent will be given the title EvilleCon 2017’s Superstar.
  • Contestants may pre-register for EvilleCon’s Got Talent but it is not required.

Preliminaries – Day 1

IMG_9691 - Copy

  • During a private audition, three judges will evaluate potential candidates and their acts. Each contestant will be able to perform for approx. 1 minute.
  • The contestant must provide the required material to perform his or her act. A method to play music to accompany the act will be provided, but the music for the act must be provided to the EvilleCon Staff Member running the contest during the preliminaries on typical media (i.e. a cd, an mp3 player, etc.). Non-traditional media may not be able to be played upon the provided music player.
  • At the end of 1 minute, the judges will hold a Hai! or Iie card up. Two out of three Hai!s will pass a contestant on to the Semi-Finals. Contestants moving on will be given specific instructions on the Semi-Finals.
  • Talent performances deemed to not be anime-related or unsafe will not be allowed to advance.
  • Contestants who pre-register for EvilleCon’s Got Talent will receive priority auditions during the Preliminaries.

Semi-Finals – Day 2

IMG_9780 - Copy

  • Semi-Finals will be an open screening in front of an audience for the approximately 15 contestants.
  • Three judges will evaluate the contestant’s acts and determine who will pass onto the Finals.
  • Each semi-finalist will be allowed to perform a portion of their act for approximately two to three minutes.
  • The judges will take notes and record scores during the semi-final performances.
  • At the end of the performance, the judges will evaluate your performance and give you feedback.
  • After the performances have all finished, the contestants will be asked to line up at the front of the stage. The final five will be chosen by the judges and they will be given instructions on the Finals round.

Finals – Day 3

IMG_0359 - Copy

  • Finals are open to an audience.
  • The winner will be chosen by audience vote – so invite your friends!
  • The judges will only evaluate and critique the performances after each performance.
  • Each finalist will be allowed to perform their complete act. Acts should be at least five minutes.
  • The final five contestants will be lined up in the front of the audience and as each person’s name is called, the total volume of cheers along with the judge’s ratings will be the deciding factor on who is EvilleCon 2017’s Superstar.
  • Each finalist will receive a prize.
    • EvilleCon 2017’s Superstar will receive a $200 prize, a jumbo prize, and two free badges to EvilleCon 2018.


Pre-register for EvilleCon’s Got Talent here.