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Punny Panel Girls


Punny Panels is all about having fun! Keeping things light and keeping the fans laughing. Leaving without a smile on your face is not an option. Audiences are engaged by entertaining power points, sarcasm, puns and light banter. They present various topics, from individual anime’s and video games, to adult content and personal experiences. They’ve been giving panels for seven years but have been fans of anime for most of their lives. Abby and Joei are just two 26-year-old quirky and fun girls, who love going to conventions and giving panels. Based in southern Ohio, they give panels throughout the mid-west and pride themselves on being able to make everyone laugh and to keep their panels as inclusive as possible. All their panels are presented in a comedic manner and are of an improv nature. So whether you have seen them before or this is your first experience you are sure to enjoy the show. Their moto? If you leave without laughing, we didn’t do our job.
BONUS! Punny Panels will be celebrating SEVEN YEARS OF PANELS at Evillecon this year! So look forward to high energy and a super awesome time!

Website: www.punnypanels.com/


 Pendragon Panels

Pendragon PanelsPendragon Panels is a husband and wife team with a decade of panel running under their belts. They started out with the inspirational Cosfluff101 encouraging one and all to cosplay. Cosfluff inspired them to continue forward with panel hosting in the hopes of sparking curiosity in others. Their hope is to open con goers hearts and minds with panels about everything from Anime and Gaming to Culture and Philosophy. They’re excited for you to join them for for some laughs, some tears, and whole lot of fun in their series of panels for Evillecon 2017!