EvilleCon Houses

EvilleCon 2017 will premiere the EvilleCon Houses.  Each EvilleCon House is connected to one of the Legendary Beasts from Japanese Folklore.  Throughout the year leading to the convention and at the convention itself, attendees will be able to choose their EvilleCon House and compete for points to bring their house glory, fame, and even prizes!  Hurry fast, though, as slots in each House are limited and it is first come, first served!  Please choose one of the following:

  • Genbu – Black Tortoise (associated with the North, Winter, the color Black, and the element Water)
  • Byakko – White Tiger (associated with the West, Fall, the color White, and the element Metal)
  • Suzaku – Red Phoenix (associated with the South, Summer, the color Red, and the element Fire)
  • Seiryuu – Blue Dragon (associated with the East, Spring, the colors Blue and Green, and the element Wood)