EvilleCon Allies

EvilleCon Allies
Below is a list of all of the people and organizations who have assisted in making EvilleCon happen. Please visit their websites and help support those that have supported us!

EvilleCon is proud to announce Credits Remaining as their gaming room provider. Look for the Video Game Center along with some arcade games (bring your change) and visit their booth in the Vendor Room. See what a fan has to say:

Credits Remaining is an interesting little company to say the least. I first dealt with them about a year or so ago when they were selling various Anime products and such. They also brought some arcade games along with them. Pump it Up (It’s like DDR, but with 5 panels instead of 4) and a shooting game Time Crisis along with that ever so famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game we all spent too much money on back in the day. They recently opened up a store in Joliet Mall that sells the same great stuff they bring to conventions and more. They still have that TMNT arcade game in there. But they also have a DDR in there. It’s a pretty nice setup. I recently picked up a couple of items from there. Pretty good prices, staff was pretty cool. Can’t really complain, got what I wanted and didn’t go flat broke getting it.

They said that even with the store, they’ll be taking more of their games in storage to conventions and continue the work they do. I hope so, because I really don’t see much else like it. At least on our side of the ocean. I’d have to recommend them to anyone who likes Anime or dancing games, that seems to be their specialties.

Learn more about Credits Remaining at http://www.creditsremaining.webs.com/.

Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library

Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library started EvilleCon as a way to let people know about the Otaku clubs at the library.  Seeing how much a success “Year 0″ was, members of the Otaku clubs decided to launch Evansville Anime Convention, Inc.  EVPL brought in our first guest of Jamie Marchi for both library events and EvilleCon “Year 1″.  EVPL continues to be a helpful ally for each convention.

White Radish

On July 19th/20th in San Francisco, we’ll host the 6th J-POP SUMMIT Festival, a summer festival of Japanese music, films, anime, food and tech. www.j-pop.com