EvilleCon 2015 Staff
EvilleCon 2015′s staff includes a group of people dedicated to making EvilleCon great. These staff members are the ones you should look for during the convention if you have any questions. The staff consists of the following members:

Brent Johnson
Convention Co-Chair (Technical Department)

is in charge of EvilleCon and the Technical Department within EvilleCon. Brent has been known to pace back and forth in random spots (such as behind the Registration table) developing technical strategies (OVER 9000!!) to make sure the website and registration platforms work correctly.



Joey Stalker

Convention Co-Chair (Programming Department)

Joey is in charge of EvilleCon and the Programming Department within EvilleCon. He also oversees the convention budget and harasses staff about their spending ;). At the actual convention, Joey can be found running around hosting and MCing multiple EvilleCon Events including the Cosplay Contest, EvilleCon’s Got Talent, and Voice Actor Dueling. Just remember – his Rattata is in the TOP percentage of Rattata.



Robert Grimwood
Convention Co-Chair (Marketing Department)

is in charge of EvilleCon and the Marketing Department within EvilleCon. Robert has been known to incorporate unique marketing events and strategies, including wandering local venues cosplaying as his final form THE Ox King.