Amanda Ochoa
Special Guest Coordinator
Amanda is a English voice actor expert, so called by her friends and fellow EvilleCon staff members. Able to recognize a voice actor with a single spoken word, Amanda’s friends turn to her to name the VA behind their favorite characters. She lends her talents of loving voice actors and knowing the English anime industry to EvilleCon to help them contact and bring some of the best voice actors in the industry to the convention. Amanda is also the head of the fangroup for voice actor Bryce Papenbrook called the Aincrad Cadet Corp on Facebook! Other than running around taking care of the Special Guests, you might also catch Amanda running some game panels like “The Buddy Game” (based loosely off The Newlywed Game) and “Ani-Jeopardy” to test your anime and gaming knowledge!


LuuLuu 2015 - headshot

Mandy Lupfer
Programming Administrator

Mandy is the Programming Coordinator in charge of the EvilleCon Program and all panels and EvilleCon Events. She creates the schedule for the convention and compiles information on proposed panels and events and collaborates with the Programming Department on choosing an appropriate number and variety to make the best convention possible.



LuuLuu 2015 - headshot

Fallon Burress
Registration Coordinator

is in charge of Registration before and at the convention.


Jenn Martin
Secretary and Anime Viewing Coordinator

Jenn takes notes during all EvilleCon meetings, drafts the official Meeting Minutes, and books the meeting locations. She is also in charge procuring and scheduling all anime shown in the Anime Viewing Room.



LuuLuu 2015 - headshot

Nicole Sakurai
Marketing Coordinator

Nicole is in charge of the marketing department writing and/or commissioning all digital advertising including but not limited to: videos, podcasts, and online press.



James House
Table Top Coordinator

James is responsible for creating the schedule for the table top games and staffing the games with game masters. James is also in charge of the trading card games tournaments.





Magen Melton
Social Media & Print Cordinator
Volunteers Co-Coordinator
 Magen is in charge of the EvilleCon facebook page and helps design and order print materials such as flyers and brochures. As volunteer co-coordinator, she works with her partner to create a workforce of volunteers who enforce the rules and generally help keep the con running smoothly.





Alan Grimwood
Volunteers Co-Coordinator

Alan is one of two in charge of forming a team of volunteers to be at the convention to enforce all rules at the convention.

Randy Hagy
Web Content Coordinator

Randy maintains the EvilleCon website and creates the incredible website that you see in front of you!




Tyler Caine
Audio-Visual Coordinator
“Supplier of music and DJ’s for this upcoming year and in charge of gathering the audio and visual equipment for the best Evillecon yet! If it has moving pictures or has singing gremlins inside it he brought it!”




Allen Hatton
Games Coordinator





Renee helmling
Artist and Vendor Coordinator




If you have any questions for the EvilleCon 2015 Staff, please contact us via the Contact Us Page.