Ox King’s Speed Dating 2015

Ox King loves seeing couples in love and friends having fun. As such, Ox King decided to help lonely people find what they need. If you are seeking love or friendship, come to Ox King’s Speed Dating.


  • 20 guys and 20 girls will go on 2 minutes dates.
  • After the 2 minute date, the guys will get up and move on to the next date.
  • At the end of each date, you will mark down on a piece of paper if you would like your last date to have your contact info.
  • If both daters say yes and a match is made, then you will get that dater’s contact information.  If a match is not made, then contact information will not be provided.
  • To get your complete “yes” list, please ask Ox King when the list will be available.
  • Only people 18 and above will be allowed to participate.  IDs will be checked to confirm ages.

If you think you are up to the challenge, come play Cosplay Chess. If you would like to be a Chess Master, please sign up at Registration Table or find Ox King.