Tier 3

As the EvilleCon Mascots, we are always looking out for our people wanting to come to EvilleCon. We want you to get the most bang for your buck, and there’s no better way than to Pre-Register!! When you buy your badge early, not only do you get it cheaper than at-the-door prices, but you ALSO get to skip having to wait in line at Registration. Registration has to get all of your information put into a system, which means typing, and taking money, and all kinds of other things… It’s sooooooooooo much faster when you zip to the Pre-Registration line, grab your badge, and go! EvilleCon Staff have also been known to give out extra special goodies to those who Pre-Register.
And know what’s even better!? VIP Badges!!! There are a few left, but once they are gone, THEY ARE GONE! (And there’s no buying them at the door :O)
So be sure to Pre-Register by March 4, 2016 as that’s the VERY LAST DAY to Pre-Register!

Buy Badges Here!