EvilleCon 2015 Program

“EvilleCon and its Staff are excited to announce the moment you have been waiting for… The OFFICIAL EvilleCon 2015! This Program will be your guide to all things that will be happening at EvilleCon 2015.  It will let you plan out your weekend so that you can get do everything you want!  This Program includes the complete EvilleCon 2015 Schedule for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday including times and locations for EvilleCon’s Events, Special Guest panels and performances, attendee panels, table top games, trading card game tournaments, video game tournaments, etc.  The Program also includes detailed descriptions for each of the Events and panels.


New to the Program is a special EvilleCon Survival Guide with a some nifty tips and tricks on how to survive the convention.  Be sure to check them out and follow the suggestions!


Feel free to download a copy of the Program, print out a version at home, mark out what you want to do so that you make sure you don’t miss anything you want to get to!  A FREE copy of the Program will be available at EvilleCon 2015 for you to pick up at the Registration/Pre-Registration tables.  If you should have any questions, please let us know!


Caitlin Glass

Hey there attendees!

EvilleCon is incredibly excited to come to you as we have some AMAZING NEWS to share. A lot of you were disappointed that we had to cancel Caitlin Glass’s appearance at EvilleCon due to things all parties could not control and we were very sorry to have to tell you that. However, fate must have decided otherwise because we are proud to announce CAITLIN GLASS WILL BE AT EVILLECON 2015!!! Thanks to some work on both sides, Caitlin has been able to go to EvilleCon! Please help us welcome her!

Also, in case you may have forgotten, here is her bio!