These are the special guests that perform in some way at EvilleCon!

Junko Fujiyama
JUNKO FUJIYAMA Head Shot 3JUNKO FUJIYAMA is a Japanese singer/songwriter who performs all over the United States. She has performed at various cultural events (such as Japan Fest Atlanta, National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC), anime conventions, music festivals, and music clubs. She plays her original songs and also covers J-pop/rock and anime themed songs. Check out more of her work and info at


The Rekless Krew

Rekless KrewRekless Krew was founded in 2010 on accident when a group of individuals who coincidentally practiced in the same gym decided to train under one name. Everyone was dedicated to their own expertise, whether it was bboying, parkour, acrobatics, martial arts, etc. However, they all had a love for anime and gaming on their downtime and that’s where it all began.


Stellar Squad

Stellar Squad Entertainment LogoAustin AcYd & CTPeezy are rapped from Kentucky and they join together to form Stellar Squad Entertainment. These rappers will be at EvilleCon 2015 to grace your ears with dope nerdy bars and lovely beats from old school to new school, and everything in between.



Neko Wo Kaburu
NEKOLOGONeko Wo Kaburu desires to bring you the greatest Maid Café experience with our highly trained maids and butlers. At our café, you get food served, dance performances, and full attention from your very own maid. Please come in, visit us, relax, and your time in our café.

Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana and with many maids and butlers in service. including Maid Ghostie, Maid Cherry, Butler Choji, Butley Codey, Butler Helix, Maid Jun, Maid Midna, Maid Minty, Maid Momoko, Maid Rin, and Butler Yuuji, Neko Wo Kaburu will take care of all of your needs.

For more information on Neko Wo Kaburu, please visit their Facebook page: