Welcome to EvilleCon,
Evansville, Indiana’s own anime convention.

EvilleCon 2015
March 27 – 29, 2015

Old National Events Plaza
715 Locust St.
Evansville, IN  47708

This is the official website for EvilleCon, an anime convention made by anime fans for other anime fans. EvilleCon has events for teens, young adults, parents, and even the little fans! We are a convention made for everyone. Come join us for EvilleCon 2015!

Karen Strassman

OKAY! So stepping away from bad news, we here at EvilleCon have some fantastic news for you! We are proud to announce Karen Strassman as a guest for EvilleCon 2015! Karen is well known in the anime world for her roles such as Soifon and Momo in Bleach, Kallen Kozuki in Code Geass, Nina Fortner in Monster and so much more! She’s also popular in video games! She’s responsible for voicing Aigis in Persona 3 and Nanako Dojima in Persona 4, Olivia in Fire Emblem Awakening, and an amazing list of girls in League of Legends: Cassiopeia, Shyvana, Fiora, Zyra, Elise!


With deep regrets, EvilleCon must unfortunately announce that Caitlin Glass has had to cancel her visit to EvilleCon 2015 due to job obligations creating circumstances beyond either of our control.  We do regret any inconvenience this causes to our attendees, but EvilleCon will work to bring Caitlin to an EvilleCon in the near future.

~ EvilleCon Staff