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Contact Us
Please use the following form to submit any questions you have to the EvilleCon Staff.

Please refer to this general guide describing the departments to contact for directing your questions when using this form:

General_Questions – All general questions that do not pertain to other categories in the form.
Anime – Any requests for anime in the viewing room or questions regarding anime.
Artists – Any questions concerning Artist Alley.
Cosplay – Any questions about cosplaying at EvilleCon or about the Cosplay Contest.
Donations – Any questions about donating money, gifts, services or items to EvilleCon.
Feedback – Any feedback for the convention.
Marketing – Any questions regarding advertising or sponsoring EvilleCon
Panels – Any questions concerning future panels and events at EvilleCon.
Registration- Any questions about registering for EvilleCon or badges.
Special Guests – Any requests for guests or questions regarding guests at EvilleCon
TableTop – Any questions about table top gaming that will occur at EvilleCon.
Vendors – Any questions about the vendors that will be at EvilleCon or concerns related to the vendors and their wares.
Volunteers – Any questions concerning volunteering at EvilleCon.
Website – Any concerns or problems with the EvilleCon website.

When using the form, please select the appropriate department from the dropdown box titled Department to Contact.

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