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2023 Program

The full program will be available soon! For now, you can view EvilleCon 2023's schedule, venue map, and panel descriptions below.

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Ai No Hoshi Maid Café
Ai No Hoshi
Ai No Hoshi Maid Café is a pop-up Maid Café in Indiana. Based on the original maid cafés from Akihabara Japan, and heavily influenced by MaidDreamin, Swallowtail, and many others. Stepping foot into Ai No Hoshi will transport you to a magical new world where the maids and butler will serve you. Here you will experience amazing character interactions, fun group games, and upbeat magical performances. General Admission is only $5 per person and is valid for one session ticket. They will also have additional souvenir bundles available. Please see their booth for more information regarding tickets, bundles, and session availability.

AKrCos and Inspector Lemon - Q&A Panel
AKrCos & Inspector Lemon
Ever wanted to know our favorite costumes, funniest construction mishaps, costume malfunctions, or even just how we got together? This panel is for all your question needs! Have a costume construction question? A social media question? Those are also welcome!

All About Love Live
What is Love Live? How did it get started? How do you even get into it? Join this panel to learn the answers to all these questions and more!

All Ages Drag Show
Creepin’ It Burly
Your favorite creeps are bringing drag and burlesque back to the EvilleCon stage! Starring performers from Indiana and across the Midwest, join Creepin’ It Burly as they put on an all ages drag show!

Anime Feud
Autumn White
Con-goers will compete against each other in teams to be the best at anime trivia!

Armen Taylor - Q&A Panel
Armen Taylor
Join Armen Taylor as he shines light on the world of voice acting. For curious minds and future actors alike.

Bad Fanfiction Reading - 13+
Join Mtgret as they read and talk about bad PG-13 bad fanfiction.

Bad Fanfiction Reading - 18+
Join Mtgret as they read and talk about bad 18+ fanfiction.

Bad Santa - 18+
Colossal Senpai
Who’s been naughty and who’s been naughtier? Santa comes to town and brings judgment upon you and all your friends in this interactive comedy panel. Through audience participation, we gather all the naughty things you did (or didn’t) do this year and cast blame upon those who come and sit upon Santa’s lap. Caution!!! Things may get weird!

Beyond the Stars: Zodiac in Anime
Interpret As You WIll
How well did Fruits Basket handle the Chinese Zodiac? Do the Sailor Scouts have an equivalent zodiac? We'll look at the portrayal of the Chinese Zodiac archetypes in anime and some of our favorites.

BL That Hurt Me - 18+
Do you like your boys’ love with a little psychological horror thrown in? Maybe some dead dove to add some spice? Do you like being so invested in a BL's story yet also disturbed beyond measure? Boi does Peachie have some recs for you~! Come enjoy some quality time while they share their favorite dark & eccentric boys’ love content~

Body Positivity and Plus Size Cosplay
Join plus-sized cosplayer Mtgret as he discusses body positivity and inclusivity in the cosplay community.

Boys' Love Manga Showdown - 18+
Peachie & Bunni
Two weathered BL enthusiasts come together for the showdown of the centuries! Who has the better taste in BL? Come help decide and pick up some good recommendations along the way!

Bungo Sleepover - 13+
Come hang out with The Bungo Stray Dogs (BSD) group for some sleepover fun.

Burlesque Show - 18+
Creepin’ It Burly
Your favorite creeps are bringing drag and burlesque back to the EvilleCon stage! Starring performers from Indiana and across the Midwest, CIB showcases nerdy, sexy, and family friendly (not at the same time) routines from performers of diverse backgrounds.

Chill/Relax Time
Chill and relax.

Closet Furs Anonymous
Service Dogs & Cosplay
One full-time furry artist, two part-time furry artists, and one seamstress who keeps LOOKING at how to make fursuits recount their exploits as closet furs.

Colossal Mistakes - 16+
Colossal Senpai
Join nationally recognized competitive cosplayer and performer Colossal Senpai as he regales in the horrid experiences that come with being a cosplay guest and just existing. Ranging from being haunted by Deadpool all the way up to hospital visits - there’s a story for everyone.

Colossal Senpai - Q&A Panel
Colossal Senpai
Come join cosplay guest Colossal Senpai as he answers all your hard hitting questions. What is the meaning of life? Do I need to wipe off my makeup before I sleep? Does Andrew Garfield watch Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun? Or maybe just ask questions about being a pro cosplayer.

Competitive Cosplay 101
Dylan Beals & Colossal Senpai
An explanation of competitive cosplay and the structure of cosplay contests. Learn from cosplay staff and judges a how-to on the basics of competition with helpful reminders and tips for first time contestants and seasoned competitors alike!

Cosplay Contest
Come check out everyone’s amazing cosplays and see all their hard work! Judged by our wonderful cosplay guests and fun for everyone!

Cosplay Feedback Panel
A time for contestants to discuss with staff and judges about the contest and their cosplays after the pressure of the contest is passed. This will allow for contestants to see where they can grow, continue to improve, and advance competitively.

Cosplay Pre-Judging
Private judging for cosplay contest contestants. By appointment only. Required for entry in the cosplay contest.

Cosplaying While Disabled
Service Dogs & Cosplay
Four cosplayers walk you through their processes of cosplaying while disabled, and a crash course on con etiquette around disabled con-goers for non-disabled con-goers.

Cryptozoology 101: Taught by the Cryptids
Tired of being taught cryptozoology by some old geezer? Now it's time for us CRYPTIDS to tell you what's what.

Death Note Mafia - 13+
Magen Melton
Love Death Note? Love to (pretend) kill others? Then play Death Note Mafia! Come & play a game of trickery, lies, accusations, & creative death. Note: This event is 13+!

D&D Adventure: Draconic Siege (Tier 1)
Michael Hamilton
Join in this tier 1 one shot (max of level 5) and help protect a tavern from draconic forces. This one shot is BYOC (bring your own character).

Discuss & Debate NSFW Fic Terminology - 18+
Butter & Colossal Senpai 
Let the hot takes roll about some very unsavory and spicy words! Two very different people are here to discuss and debate commonly used NSFW fanfic terminologies!

Everyone Can Improv
Interpret As You Will
Ever thought about doing improv comedy? Done improv before but it’s been awhile? Come just as you are and learn some improv basics, do some quick fire group games, let your hair down, and have some fun at the end of the con.

Eville Comedy Hour
Kris Comedy
The Eville Comedy Hour is a stand-up comedy show unlike any you’ve heard before. Come laugh as these comedians talk about the things that we love like anime, video games, and con culture. These comics travel around the country making others laugh, and they’re about to go super saiyan telling jokes that only con-goers will appreciate.

Eville-ER Comedy Hour - 18+
Kris Comedy
The Evill-ER Comedy Hour is an adult stand-up comedy show where the gloves come off for these comedians. We still talk about the things that we love like anime, video games, and con culture, but we get to say everything they wouldn’t us say before. We go Plus Ultra talking about all the things in our favorite fandoms after the sun goes down.

EvilleBeat Mania
Zackachu & DJ Aazera
Join Zackachu and DJ Aazera for an electronic dance party.

EvilleCon’s Gym
Autumn White
EvilleCon’s Gym is a Pokémon Sword/Shield tournament where con-goers battle eight chosen mono-type gym leaders to earn their gym badges. A challenger will have successfully completed the challenge once they obtain all eight badges.

Autumn White
EvilleCrossing gives a history of the Animal Crossing series, its ups and downs, and its current status. Panelists are encouraged to bring their Animal Crossing games, but they are not required to attend the panel.

Faptastic! - 18+
Joey Stalker
Pull out the manga from under your bed and learn a little more about the shadowy genre of hentai. Also enjoy a Q&A to address all of those questions you have always been too afraid to ask. Prizes will be awarded!

All good things must come to an end. Let us know how we did this year & help us improve EvilleCon.

Fire Emblem: Best Spouse Edition
Fire Emblem has many lords, ladies, and spouses. Join us to rank the Three Houses characters on who’s truly the best!

Foam Work: Beginners
Inspector Lemon
Focusing on working with foam from a beginner standpoint. Picking out your foam, materials, and how to make a cool weathered paint job on a budget.

Ghost Stories? No, It’s an Anime!
Old and new fans of the 2000s anime Ghost Stories, come learn the history and have some laughs!

Hawkmoth’s Miraculous Panel
Keith Silverstein
Let's talk about everything Miraculous! Get a unique perspective from the voice behind the Moth himself.

Healing My Trauma With Fictional Band-Aids - 16+
Come discuss nerdy coping mechanisms & seeing yourself through the characters you consume! Peachie will present their unofficial Ted Talk on why a large portion of the media they love reflects their grasp on gender, struggles with PTSD, coming to terms with mental health issues, and how all of this has helped them heal. CONTENT WARNING: due to discussions involving PTSD & mental illness this panel may not be suitable for everyone and is aimed at a 16+ audience. Discretion is advised.

Host Club Experience
Flower Crown Cosplay
Welcome to Ouran High School Host Club where beautiful young men entertain distinguished guests such as you. Come interact with your favorite host, play games, win prizes, and maybe even kiss kiss fall in love.

I Ship It
Interpret As You Will
We will be looking at how fandom ships characters together, with a strong focus that ships don't always have to be romantic in nature. We will also ask the audience to talk about some of their non-romantic pairings at the end.

Idol Showcase
Come down to the idol showcase if you love idols, dancing, or just having a good time.

Improv Show With a Clever Title
Interpret As You Will
It's time to laugh! Come out with suggestions and situations as our comedians make things up on the spot with rapid fire wit and keep you rolling in your seats. All ages welcome.

Improv Uncensored - 18+
Interpret As You Will
Got a suggestion that's a little bit racy? Want to see risqué situations? This is the improv show for you, where everything is made up on the spot and uncensored for your enjoyment.

In Defense of Disney Villains
Interpret As You Will
Are all Disney villains really that bad? We look at a handful of classic Disney "villains" and discuss their motivations, and how they go about getting what they're after and find out if they are truly that evil or not.

Indy Idols: Love Live Showcase!
Join Indy Idols as we perform hit songs from the group Aqours, featured in the anime Love Live Sunshine!

Inside the World of Voice Acting
Mick Wingert
Join Mick Wingert as he shines light on the world of voice acting. For curious minds and future actors alike.

Intro to Idol Groups
Idols groups have become a community staple in the cosplay community. Have you ever been in one? If you ever wanted to join or form an idol group this is the panel for you!

Isekai Girlboss: History of Villainess Anime
From light novels to animated series, isekai to redemption, the “villainess” genre has exploded! Discover or reminisce over the birth and best media of these girlbosses!

Keith Silverstein - Q&A Panel
Keith Silverstein
The time for fans to find out everything they have wanted about Keith Silverstein and his career in voice acting.

Kid Shows Are More Adult
Interpret As You Will
Why do I like this cartoon that only kids should like? Come find out exactly what is appealing about all these shows and see how the world of children's television is a little more grown up than anyone expected. Maybe you’ll even discover something in an old beloved classic.

Kingdom Hearts: 7 Lights and 13 Darknesses
Trivia contest and Q&A with in character cosplayers from the Kingdom Hearts series.

Made Vs. Bought: Cosplay
Delving into the inner workings of commercial costuming vs. constructed costumes, we will take a detailed look into both while discussing their individual pros and cons.

Magic: The Gathering Tournament
Friday, the Magic tournament will be 4pm - 9:30pm and will be a Commander Format. Saturday will be a pod event from 11am-8pm. Groups of 4 will play together, can be any format. Prizes will be offered for both events. Please no proxies in these events! If the judge is suspicious, he has the right to check the card.

My Unapologetic Love for Hated Characters
A detailed discussion on the “unlovable”, “villainous”, “garbage” characters you are consistently crapped on & abused online over loving - and why you should never be ashamed of them. CONTENT WARNING: This topic gets a little dark at times - make sure you catch the beginning of the panel for in-depth content warnings.

Non-Benders Unite ATLA Panel
Olivia Hack
Earth, Wind, Fire, Water! Bending is really magical but you can be just as great without it! Come talk everything Avatar: The Last Airbender with Olivia Hack!

Not Another Deadpool Panel - 18+
Nate Hines
That’s right, I’m back! EvilleCon couldn’t keep me out. Come play games and hang out, my nerdy friends!

Olivia Hack - Q&A Panel
Olivia Hack
The time for fans to find out everything they have wanted about Olivia Hack and her career in voice acting.

Ox King’s Cosplay Chess
Robert Grimwood
This human-sized chess game pits cosplayers against cosplayers. Magic, traps, L.A.R.P., and dance-offs will help decide which side wins.

Flower Crown Cosplay
Do you want more ideas on how to run your panels or maybe you’re looking to start your own? With 7+ years of experience, we will share the do’s and don’ts of paneling.

Peachie’s Panels: A Panel on Paneling
What does it take to make a “good” panel? How many hours of your life will you lose, tears will you cry over applications, or snazzy experiences will you have after becoming a panelist? Come see the ins & outs of the hobby known as paneling at conventions~!

Pick Me as Your Main - 13+
Let us win a place on your main four. Genshin Impact characters compete, not to win your heart, but instead to be your main character.

Positivity in Cosplay
In this panel, we discuss the importance of positivity and inclusivity in the community as well as the detrimental effects of cancel culture and fast fashion costuming.

Professor Heimerdinger’s Arcane Panel
Mick Wingert
Join one of the greatest mind's from the world of Arcane! Professor Heimerdinger and coincidentally Mick Wingert will be here to answer all your questions. Come visit us in the Undercity!

Questionable Anime - 18+
Ever happened upon a series with a plot so weird, nonsensical, messed up, or all of the above - that you questioned why you were five episodes deep and dying for the next one? WELL - Peachie has some recs for you! CONTENT WARNING: hentai section towards the end… discretion is advised.

Ranking Disabled Rep in Anime
Service Dogs & Cosplay
Our panelists—with a range of disabilities—break down the quality of disability representation in media and then open up a bracket to the audience to find the BEST DISABLED ANIME CHARACTER OF ALL TIME.

Rating Your Faves
We have created an objective rating scale to determine if your favorite characters are trash or not. We will be accepting a few audience suggestions, but most have been predetermined by the hosts.

Snake Oil - 16+
Colossal Senpai
Hey there, neighbor! Ever thought of living out your dream of being a door-to-door salesperson? Well, now’s your chance! Come fulfill your fantasy in this interactive, comedy-based game show! We pull up prospective salespeople from the audience and challenge them to identifying items, sales pitching, and obtaining sponsors!

Sohma Family Game Night
Flower Crown Cosplay
It’s game night in Sohma Household. Join characters from Fruits Basket in playing games, winning prizes, and making some friends along the way.

Spirit Bomb
Spirit Bomb
Like Goku's Genki Dama, Spirit Bomb gathers their power from all the greatest anime music in existence to coalesce into an explosive live performance. 

Spirit Bomb: The Making of an Anime Tribute Band
Spirit Bomb
Spirit Bomb's performances, featuring popular anime songs accompanied by engaging (primarily Japanese) karaoke-style lyrics and visuals, are designed to be an unforgettable experience for anime fans. In this panel, Japanese American vocalist Elaina Robbins talks about singing in Japanese and how the Japanese lyrics to anime songs often offer nuances that are lost in translation. Guitarist and music tech aficionado Kevin Samuel discusses some of the musical influences used in anime themes and gives audiences a glimpse at how technology and live performance comes together to create our shows. Who knows—after this panel, maybe you'll be inspired to start your own anime music content!

Stardew Valley: Top Tier Spouses
Join us in creating a Stardew Valley marriage candidate top tier list!

Sushi Rolls Not Gender Roles
Dylan Beals
Come join us for fun in a safe space and learn about members of the LGBTQ+ community within anime, games, and the cosplay community! (no actual sushi will be provided)

The Best Girl and Best Boy in Anime Tournament
This is where we answer the age old question... who is the best girl/boy? In a tournament style voting system, we will come to a verdict here and now.

The Church of BL: Youth Group
Are you a huge boys’ love fan but still not old enough for all the BL panels? Maybe you're just new to BL but don’t know where to start? Well friendos, Peachie’s got you. Come hang out in a 13+ safe environment, complete with games, prizes, & informative BL goodness!

The Do's and Don'ts of Hobbit: Guest Starring Gandalf
For a limited time only: know how to live your life as a good hobbit. Have the knowledge of the Shire, presented to you by the most famous hobbits.

The Hidden Frequencies Live Read
Keith Silverstein, Olivia Hack, Armen Taylor, Mick Wingert
In 2018, Mick launched his own ongoing science fiction, horror audio drama podcast anthology featuring many of today’s top, working voice actors called The Hidden Frequencies. New episodes for upcoming seasons are recorded live at convention events across the country - including EvilleCon!

The Ultimate Show Down
CC the Corgi
Cosplayers & Costumers, come compete in The Ultimate Show Down! Play field day like games  to win prizes for glorious efforts! The supportive normie audience or cosplayers needing a break aren’t forgotten, there will be trivia in between games for a bit of a sweet treat! Come on down and have a blast!

Tiny Cosplay Show
Colossal Senpai
Afraid of the big stage? How about a smaller one? Join award-winning cosplayer Colossal Senpai as he brings you up on stage and talks to you 1-on-1 (in front of a small crowd) about your cosplay, how you made it, and other small talks! Or you could just come strut! It’s up to you! This is a great chance to introduce yourself to your local community! All are welcome!Twitch for BeginnersInspector LemonHave you never streamed on Twitch before? Or perhaps you have but you’re still a little lost? Learn some beginner tips and tricks to start streaming on Twitch and some mistakes I’ve made along the way. 

Video Games vs. Anime With Armen Taylor
Armen Taylor
We all love anime and video games, but how do they differ and which is better? Come join Armen Taylor as he gives his inside knowledge from a career of voicing both!

Videos That Have Watered My Crops And Cured My Acne
Back again to bring you snacks and funny videos. Come chill and laugh with us.

VINGO (Video Game Music Bingo!) - 13+
Video game music-based BINGO for all ages. Win prizes and enjoy listening to music from some of your favorite companies, including Nintendo, Capcom, SEGA, Square Enix, and more!

Welcome to Night Raven Academy
Ivy Webster
A Twisted Wonderland discussion and trivia panel including a few fun games and surprises.

What’s an Idol Anime?
Ever wanted to learn about the idol anime genre? This is where you’ll see PVs, costumes, anime clips, and more!