Pokémon Gym

EvilleCon’s Gym Rules 2023 - Challenge Rules

  • Using a Switch gaming system and Pokémon Scarlet/Violet, attendees with EvilleCon 2023 single-day or weekend badges may challenge the EvilleCon Gym Leaders to a battle.
  • Challengers will receive a card before their first battle.
  • Gym Leaders will sign the card of any challenger who defeats them.
  • Each Gym Leader will carry a full list of rules and may answer any questions.
  • The Gym Leaders have the right to stop any battle at any time for any reason they choose, or deny you a battle for any reason. This is not to avoid losing, but to avoid obligatory battles and inopportune times.
  • Prizes will be available for the EvilleCon 2023 Pokémon Champion, second, and third place Challengers.


  • The default battle will be 3 vs 3, unless otherwise decided upon (e.g. 6 vs 6, Doubles, etc.).
  • Challenges may be issued during the panel times listed in the program
  • Challenges may not be issued while the Gym Leader is preoccupied.
  • The Leader always reserves the right to refuse a battle.
  • Gym Leaders will only use Pokémon of their type (e.g. an Electric-type Gym Leader may use a Flying/Electric type if they so wish, so long as the Pokémon possesses the appropriate type).
  • A Gym Leader may use a Pokémon whose type changes during battle to fit their type, but the type will be changed within two of the Leader's turns.
  • Gym Cards are non-transferable.
  • Challengers and Leaders will abide by all rules.

Banned Pokémon:

  • annihilape
  • chi-yu
  • cyclizar
  • flutter mane
  • houndstone
  • iron bundle
  • koraidon
  • miraidon
  • palafin
  • chien-pao
  • walking wake
  • iron leaves

Banned Abilities:

  • arena trap
  • moody
  • sand veil
  • shadow tag
  • snow cloak

Banned Items:

  • king's rock

Banned moves:

  • baton pass
  • double team
  • minimize
  • fissure
  • guillotine
  • horn drill
  • sheer cold

Additional Rule:

  • only one pokemon can be put to sleep at a time.

Allen Hatton and Autumn white reserve the right to update rules during the challenge. Any rule changes will immediately be stated to challengers and leaders as soon as possible during a Gym panel or at the beginning of the next one.