Applications open October 1st!

Venue Security Policy (ONEP)

EvilleCon Security Policy: (as of 8/15/19)

  • Flexible bag policy- to allow cosplayers to bring in their duffel bags- everything will be thoroughly searched prior to entry
  • Walk thru metal detection will be in use
  • Metal detection wands will be used when costumes are oversized or contain metal
  • EvilleCon volunteers will peace-bond ALL weapons prior to entry
  • Swords purchased from vendors must remain inside original packaging or peace-bonded
  • All weapons will remain peace-bonded while on Old National Events Plaza property.
  • Outside food/drink will not be permitted – apart from food truck purchases
  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited within ONEP, including 25ft from all entrances
  • If at any time ASM Management or uniform security officers feel a prop or costume is dangerous or unacceptable, the patron may be asked to remove the weapon from the premises.

A costume or prop is unacceptable if it does any of the following:

  • Fails to comply with local laws.
  • Leaves your feet bare.
  • Has vulgar remarks or hate speech in any language.
  • Has dangerous protrusions such as spikes or sharp edges.
  • Is a costume that extends more than 6in from your body that poses an immediate threat to surrounding guests or venue. For example, if your costume has a tail, you may hold it next to your body, but not let it trail out behind you.
  • Is a prop that is longer than your height. If you are less than four feet tall, your props may be up to four feet long. Props that are too long may be carried in pieces and reassembled for pictures.
  • Impedes the view of others during seated events.
  • Has a tightly-strung bowstring.
  • Has a laser pointer or similar capability.
  • Has parts made of live steel. Live steel is defined an object crafted from metal that has a point or blade-like edge, whether blunt or sharp. Live steel purchased from vendors must stay boxed while in convention space.
  • Is a gun-like prop without an orange tip. Gun-like props also must have their firing mechanisms disabled and have nothing loaded.
  • Is a real firearm.
  • Is being used or handled unsafely.
  • Is determined by convention staff to be unsafe. ASM Management Team or uniform security can render final say on the acceptability of any costume or prop.