Applications open October 1st!

Rules & Policies

2024 COVID Mask Policy

In accordance with current CDC guidelines, we will not be requiring masks for EvilleCon 2023 at this time. If attendees would like to wear masks, they have the option of doing so.

EvilleCon Security Policy:

  • Flexible bag policy- to allow cosplayers to bring in their duffel bags- everything will be thoroughly searched prior to entry
  • Walk thru metal detection will be in use
  • Metal detection wands will be used when costumes are oversized or contain metal
  • EvilleCon volunteers will peace-bond ALL weapons prior to entry
  • Swords purchased from vendors must remain inside original packaging or peace-bonded
  • All weapons will remain peace-bonded while on Old National Events Plaza property.
  • Outside food/drink will not be permitted – apart from food truck purchases
  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited within ONEP, including 25ft from all entrances
  • If at any time ASM Management or uniform security officers feel a prop or costume is dangerous or unacceptable, the patron may be asked to remove the weapon from the premises.

General Rules

  • EvilleCon reserves the right to remove or eject anyone from the convention premises without refund at anytime at its discretion.
  • EvilleCon assumes no liability for accidental injury or damage to personal property during the convention.
  • Attendance at the convention constitutes consent to the use of the attendee’s image or likeness in any future advertising, recording, transmission, or reproduction of EvilleCon and consent to ejection without refund for failure to comply with the rules stated herein.
  • Attendees will not be disruptive or disrespectful to fellow attendees, special guests, vendors, artists, EvilleCon Staff, volunteers (Minions), venue staff, venue guests, or other individuals throughout the convention and surrounding space. Disruptive behavior is not allowed and includes running, yelling, playing loud music or honking horns, horseplay, flying radio-controlled helicopters, unsolicited physical contact, or any other behavior deemed disruptive or disrespectful by EvilleCon staff.
  • Hallways, aisles, and doorways must be kept clear at all times. Attendees obstructing the flow of traffic may be asked to clear the area.
  • Smoking, drugs, and alcohol are prohibited in all convention areas and in the general areas of the venue. See Drug & Alcohol Policy for more information.
  • Rollerblades, skates, skateboards, scooters, heelies, and bicycles are prohibited in the convention center and in the venue.
  • Revealing costumes as so judged by EvilleCon Staff are not allowed.
  • No soliciting on convention grounds. Any signs interpreted by EvilleCon Staff as solicitation will be confiscated and destroyed.
  • The convention shall not be held liable for any lost or stolen belongings. It is recommended that attendees leave bags, purses, and personal belongings in their venue room or car. If you lose or find an item, please report it to Lost and Found (at the Registration Desk).
  • You may be subject to voluntary search upon entry to the convention and at any time during the convention. If a staff member suspects that an individual is refusing voluntary search because he or she poses an immediate threat, the proper authorities will be contacted.
  • Any attendee damaging or defacing EvilleCon property may be liable for repair or replacement of said property and immediate ejection from the convention.
  • Disabled persons, EvilleCon Staff, on-duty Volunteers, special guests, and vendors are not required to stand in line for entry into any Event Room. If you have any questions, please contact convention staff.
  • EvilleCon has a zero-tolerance policy toward theft. Shoplifters will be reported to local authorities, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and banned from EvilleCon for five consecutive years.
  • Attendees must follow any and all directions given by EvilleCon Staff and Volunteers or convention venue security and employees. Anyone refusing to follow such directions is subject to immediate removal from the convention.
  • If you have any problems, questions, or concerns, please contact an EvilleCon Staff Member or Volunteer. They will be recognizable by their distinctive shirts or badges and can be found throughout the convention or in the Registration Table.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

  • EvilleCon has a zero-tolerance policy toward alcohol and illegal drug use on site. Adults over the age of 21 are welcome to consume alcohol where permitted by the venue (Venue lounge, personal rooms, etc). Anyone found to be under the influence or in the possession of illegal drugs or minors under the influence of alcohol during the convention will be reported to the proper authorities.
  • EvilleCon prohibits the consumption of alcohol in public areas in use by the convention. Follow all convention center and venue guidelines regarding consumption of alcohol in shared public areas.
  • If convention staff suspects an attendee under the age of 21 to be drinking or intoxicated, a staff member will contact the proper authorities. EvilleCon DOES NOT authorize, endorse, or condone underage drinking under any circumstances. We will follow all local, state, and federal guidelines regarding underage drinking.

Weapons Policy

Weapons Policy:

All Weapons/oversized props at EvilleCon must be peace bonded. Please go to the Security Check at the convention center to receive the peacebond. By having your prop/weapon peacebound, you agree to our rules of handling the weapons.

Weapons NOT Permitted:
NO METAL OR LIVE STEEL at all will be permitted on the premises. “Live steel” is defined as “swords, knives, bayonets, cane-swords, star knives/shurikens, and/or other objects made of metal, which can take an edge.” This holds true regardless of whether the object is actually sharp.

The following types of guns are NOT PERMITTED.
​- Real guns​
- Stun guns

Water guns are permitted as long as they are NOT loaded. Airsoft guns are allowed as well, as long as you keep the orange tip on and they are not loaded. Please keep any water guns or airsoft guns within the convention space, and away from the public resort areas, as there are resort guests who may feel threatened.

ABSOLUTELY NO AMMUNITION! All magazines must be empty and will be checked at weapons check.

There are to be no explosives or chemicals of any kind, including, but not limited to, smoke powder, sparklers and fireworks.

Weapons and Props Permitted

- Bokens, wooden swords, walking sticks.
- Wooden baseball bats are allowed so long as they are not swung or used inappropriately.
- Fake or made-up prop weaponry (made of wood, foam, bondo, resin, plaster, cardboard, etc.) are permitted if they are safe and not dangerous to the other con-goers around you.

Dangerous conditions include, but are not limited to, wires sticking out, items that trip passersby, clothes lining a member, etc.

Please limit the size of the weapons to less than 8 feet in height and weighing less than 50 pounds. If you do happen to make something heavy, make sure you are able to carry it without a problem.

Behavior of Weapons:
Misuse of any weapon, such as swinging it in a public area or causing hazards to passersby, will get your privilege revoked immediately.

If we deem a weapon to be unsafe for the con, we will ask you to store the unsafe weapon in your private quarters (i.e.: your room or car). If there is a repeat offense, we will escort you out of the convention and off of convention center grounds so that you can place the weapon in your private quarters; if the weapon is illegal, we will turn it in to the appropriate authorities.

Any weapon purchased in the dealers’ room that is boxed, should remain boxed and stored in your private quarters. Weapons are not to be taken out of their packaging or wrappings while at the convention: After purchasing a weapon that normally violates our weapons policy, it must remain in its packaging and be taken immediately to your room or car for storage.

All questionable items will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Anything deemed illegal outside the convention is deemed illegal inside the convention premises.

All EvilleCon staff decisions on weapons are final.

*All LARP gear used outside of the convention center may be used in mock battle. However, they still must adhere to all safety requirements.

Autograph Policy

EvilleCon Security Policy:

  • Flexible bag policy- to allow cosplayers to bring in their duffel bags- everything will be thoroughly searched prior to entry
  • Walk thru metal detection will be in use
  • Metal detection wands will be used when costumes are oversized or contain metal
  • EvilleCon volunteers will peace-bond ALL weapons prior to entry
  • Swords purchased from vendors must remain inside original packaging or peace-bonded
  • All weapons will remain peace-bonded while on Old National Events Plaza property.
  • Outside food/drink will not be permitted – apart from food truck purchases
  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited within ONEP, including 25ft from all entrances
  • If at any time ASM Management or uniform security officers feel a prop or costume is dangerous or unacceptable, the patron may be asked to remove the weapon from the premises.

General Cosplay Rules

Dress Code​​- All attendees must wear the following articles of clothing at all times while inside the convention center:

Clothing​​- This is a family friendly event. No Costume is considered No Costume. Absolutely no nudity. Please ensure that all costumes are properly secured at all times and are not prone to “indecent accidents”.

Clothing should at least cover what a 2-piece swimsuit or swim shorts would cover. Remember to wear what you would wear at a public pool setting.

Signs that are held or messages/words written on shirts or your body are permitted but they must stay tasteful.

Shirts, clothing, costumes, or signs promoting pedophilia are strictly prohibited. Please do not wear clothing with distasteful messages or words.

Short skirts, kilts, etc must be accompanied by proper underwear. Ineffective underwear, or a lack thereof, constitutes indecent exposure. Offenders may be turned over to law enforcement.

Footwear​​- To ensure your safety, we ask that you wear footwear at all times. You should consider wearing a minimum of sandals (ie, flip flops) at all times, even if your character is barefoot. Skates and rollerblades are prohibited (you may bring them but are not allowed to wear them on your feet at any time). Sneaker-skates may only be worn as a sneaker at all times inside the convention area. EvilleCon will not be held accountable for any damages or injuries that occur due to inadequate or improper footwear

Weapons Policy​​- Please refer to our weapons policy.

Mock or play-fighting is not allowed in the hallways and convention area. Wielding or handling weapons or props in a way that could potentially cause harm to others is prohibited, whether there was intent to harm others or not. Mock-fighting is allowed on stage during the cosplay contest but must be carefully rehearsed, reviewed and approved by cosplay staff.

*LARP in designated areas is allowed as long as all safety precautions are adhered to and respected.

Large Costumes​​- Please be sure to keep all large costumes contained as much as possible. We recommend the use of handlers to help manage your costume if it is a large costume. Large costumes or large parts of costumes are not allowed inside the dealer’s room due to blocking the flow of traffic and other hazards.

3-foot Rule​​- Your cosplay can only extend up to 3 feet from your body. Imagine a three foot radius around your body, if it extends past 3 feet, we ask that you do not wear it through the halls or rooms. (If part of the Cosplay Contest please speak to the cosplay staff.). 

Dragging articles- Keep your cosplay maintained at all times. If your wig or loose pieces drag on the floor at any time, it is not allowed. Dresses with trains, cloaks, or capes must follow the 3-foot rule.

Pictures- Do not stop for pictures in smaller, crowded hallways. Please go outside, to a less crowded area, or to the designated picture taking areas. Do not block doors, ramps, exits, corridors, and aisles while taking pictures.

If you want to take a photo of a cosplayer, it's proper form to ask first. Most will be happy to oblige and pose fiercely!

We reserve the right to remove you from the convention and/or cosplay events at any time. If for any reason we feel that your actions pose a threat or hazard to others while at the convention, we will ask you to stop or you will be removed from the cosplay events. We simply ask you to be courteous towards others at all times.

Stay hydrated throughout the day. This is both for your own well-being and everyone else's. The convention center is crowded already without parched corpses, and nobody packed smelling salts.

Selling of items​​:

Unless you are part of the artist alley or dealers room, you cannot sell anything.


  • Autographs are given on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please line up in an orderly fashion no more than 30 minutes prior to the autograph session.
  • Items should be prepared for signing prior to approaching the autograph table. Posters should be unrolled and DVD or CD inserts should be removed from the case. Autograph books should be opened and ready for the guest to sign.
  • EvilleCon does not limit the amount of things you can get signed by guests but the guest might place a limit to ensure that everyone gets something signed.  Please keep your fellow attendees in mind and be respectful of time constraints. Please check with the staff members at the time of the autograph session how many the guest is allowing.  There are typically multiple chances throughout the convention to get autographs throughout the weekend, so there should be other opportunities.
  • Guests will not sign body parts.
  • A Guest’s approval must be received before a photograph may be taken with a guest.
  • While attendees are encouraged to converse with special guests, please keep comments brief so that the line can move efficiently.

Dance/EvilleBeat Rules

Specific policies for each individual event are available at the Registration Desk.
  • Attendees must wear their badge prominently on their person at all times during dances no matter the attire of the event.
  • Each event has separate rules for attire, but regardless of attire, all costumes should conform to general convention policies.
  • No containers of liquid other than bottled water will be allowed in the Main Events Hall during any dance at any time. Water bottles must be spill-proof and remain closed unless you are drinking from them at the time.
  • Individuals who are disruptive, who appear to be intoxicated, or who behave in any way that jeopardizes the safety of themselves or others will be ejected from the dance and will not be allowed to return. Any of the above behaviors may result in the loss of your EvilleCon badge and removal from the convention, upon decision of EvilleCon Staff.
  • No backpacks, bags, props, or purses larger than 8″ in any dimension can be brought into the dance.
  • Glow sticks are allowed in the EDM Show, but MUST NOT BE BROKEN. Anyone found by EvilleCon Staff or Volunteers to have intentionally broken a glow stick on convention grounds will be immediately ejected from the convention and will be liable for necessary cleaning and/or repairs.

Flier Policy

  • Fliers must be approved by an EvilleCon Staff Member and will be placed on the Registration Desk or Assigned Table on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Each organization will be allotted only one 8.5×11 stack.
  • Fliers placed in unapproved places will be removed. Multiple offenses will result in ALL fliers for the offending organization to be removed from the convention.
  • Fliers must be appropriate for all ages.
  • EvilleCon reserves the right to remove any flier at any time for any reason.
  • Fliers will be recycled at the end of the convention. If you wish to keep your remaining fliers, please remove them prior to Closing Ceremonies.

Round Table Policy

Round Tables are open forums for discussion on a particular topic. A list of possible talking points will be provided, and participants typically have one hour to discuss.
  • Please stay on topic. Unless you are drawing a brief and RELEVANT comparison between the topic series and another, do not discuss other series.
  • Take turns. No one likes to be interrupted. If someone says something you would like to respond to, politely raise your hand to indicate that you would like to respond. Likewise, if someone raises their hand while you are talking, finish your sentence and let them speak.
  • Do not monopolize the conversation. Please be courteous and limit your responses to no more than one minute before allowing other participants to speak.
  • Do not be annoying, vulgar, rude, or offensive. Except for the 18+ events, Round Tables are all-ages events, and the discussion should be appropriate for everyone involved.

Anime Viewing Policy

EvilleCon is dedicated to the enforcement of copyright law. EvilleCon will not show a series without rights if the series is licensed in the United States. If you suspect that a series is being shown without proper rights, please report your concern to a staff member immediately. Any series found to be without rights will be pulled from the schedule without notice.
These rules are based on the convention guidelines for Anime Boston, used with permission. They are copyright Anime Boston 2011, all rights reserved.