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Artist & Vendor applications open October 1st!
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To help direct you to the right department:
  • General Questions – All general questions that do not pertain to other categories in the form
  • Anime – Any requests for anime in the viewing room or questions regarding anime
  • Artists & Vendors – Any questions concerning Artist Alley & Vendor Hall
  • Cosplay – Any questions about cosplaying at EvilleCon or about the Cosplay Contest
  • Donations – Any questions about donating money, gifts, services, or items to EvilleCon
  • Feedback – Any feedback for the convention
  • Marketing – Any questions regarding advertising or sponsoring EvilleCon
  • Panels – Any questions concerning future panels and events at EvilleCon
  • Registration – Any questions about registering for EvilleCon or badges
  • Special Guests – Any requests for guests or questions regarding guests at EvilleCon
  • Tabletop – Any questions about tabletop gaming that will occur at EvilleCon
  • Volunteers – Any questions concerning volunteering at EvilleCon
  • Website – Any concerns or problems with the EvilleCon website
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