Applications open October 1st!

FAQs - General Information

Q: What is EvilleCon?

A: EvilleCon is Evansville’s Japanese anime convention. Starting in 2009, EvilleCon has consistently grown to continually meet the needs of tri-state otaku. Featuring a slew of events, panels, video gaming, table-top gaming, vendors, artists, and more, EvilleCon will do all that it can to make your convention experience the best it can be!

Q: Where is EvilleCon held?

A: EvilleCon has been held at the Old National Bank Events Plaza. The convention center is located at 715 Locust St., Evansville, IN 47708

Q: How do I get into the convention?

A: Anyone interested in attending EvilleCon will need to purchase a badge. Badges may be purchased at the Badges Pricing Page.

Q: Where can I park and how much is it?

A: Parking is available in the Old National Bank Events Plaza parking lot across Locust St. and is free for attendees.

Q: Where can I eat around the convention?

A: There are a number of dining locations near the convention center in downtown Evansville. Directions to food locations will be available at the convention.  For specific directions and information, please see the EvilleCon Registration Table at the convention.

Q: How can I get more information exhibiting at EvilleCon?

A: If you are interested in exhibiting, check out our Artists and Vendors sections of our website for further information.

Q: How can I run a panel or event at EvilleCon?

A: If you are interested in running a panel, please submit the Panels Application.