Applications open October 1st!

Bionic Stars

Bionic Stars is looking forward to bringing fun and informative panels to all of our attendees! You can catch them at the following panels:

The Truth and World of Madoka Magica

Madoka Magica is equal parts brilliant and infamous. Come to this panel for an in-depth discussion of both its themes and spinoff material to uncover the truth at the heart of it.

The Strange Beautiful World of Monogatari

Ever heard of Monogatari but had no idea how to get into it? Come to this panel to learn about its beautiful and surreal world and why it might just be your new favorite anime.

A 101 Guide to Light Novels

Ever wanted to get into light novels but had no idea how to start or what to expect? Come join this panel to learn all you need to know about these strange books!

Sweet and Sapphic: A Yuri Adventure

Many of us know Girl's Love, but what does it mean to be truly Yuri? Come to this panel to see what true beauty can lie within the purest connections of this prolific genre.